Life in Timor

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hello All,

Very long time between entries, so I thought it may be time to add one more..

I have just returned from a week in Oecusse, a enclave district of Timor Leste which is seperated from Mainland Timor. The week was spent preparing for and undertaking impact monitoring training, quite an important concept as it attempts to identify whether our programs (and other organisations' programs) actually make a difference in the lives of the community members.

Things are moving along well, and the months are now counting down rather quickly... Earlier on in the year I visited Oecusse and observed the nutrition activities. Currently, the kids' nutrition levels are still very low, as a result Oecusse will be the target of a number of supplementary feeding programs, indcluding a large scale program from the World Food Programme. 43% of children under 5 being malnourished. Not the best statistic.

Timor is also moving into another phase. The previous UN mission in Timor Leste (UNMISET) has finished, which includes the international military forces. Now, for another year Timor will be supported by the UN Office in Timor Leste (UNOTIL).

Okay, an extremely quick update.