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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

reasons to celebrate

I have just returned from more or less another week in the districts. Again these are the times which I really enjoy here in Timor. But there are more reasons to be celebrating at the moment. I have a baby brother..
Charles John Schell…
How good is that…
Great news to get. I havent yet seen any photos, but as soon as I do im sure they will make their way on the site here. So have a little toast to Charles (Charlie, Chuck or Chukles.. maybe not) when you get the chance.
The week away involved a few trips to communities to once again observe Oxfam’s nutrition activities, except this time I forgot my camera- which was abit of a shame. The countryside in the district of Suai is gorgeous, so I took the opportunity of grabbing the motorbike and having a look around myself. So of course now I have dreams of biking around timor and visiting some of the less travelled roads- occasionally roughing it, but more than worth it.- Anyone keen?
Tomorrow we will also meet the new group of Youth Ambassadors, which means around 10 new faces, of course something we are excited about.
Anyway, just a quick update…


  • Hi James, I happened to come acroos your blog about East Timor. The articles are very interesting. It's a good source for me to know better about East Timor these days. I have actually been there several times, initially for my dissertation but later on for the friends I met there. Will surely be back for more updates of yours from Timor. :)

    By Blogger StupidHollyWolly, at 12:25 AM  

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