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Monday, March 28, 2005

flying by...

My apologies for not writing sooner, as i just wrote above, everything is moving extremely quickly. Well for the most part of the last while, i have been based in Dili (but should make it back to the districts over the next 2 weeks).

Of course Easter has just passed by. We spent ours camping on the eastern tip of the island of Timor. As many who have been to Timor would know - it is an absolutely stunning place. Just think of the typical tropical island picture, and add in amazing snorkelling. Coral, blue water, fish and all the rest.

So.. out weekend was spent sleeping in mossie nets on the beach looking over an island. The fish is cooked up by the fisherman who also ferry you across the channel to the island (Jaco)- which is the place to go snorkelling/diving. Or course there were the other points of having to dive into the car as it bucketed down through the night, and coral cuts are bloody fantastic. But generally.. i would be recommending this place to anyone. On a slightly more 7 year old side, there is an abundance of hermit crabs. I challenge you to have a hermit crab race and not have convulsions from laughing, although im sure the local 'tua' helped in our jolly mood.

On the other notes, the combination of work and university is getting interesting. (as im sure others would know). I am currenlty house mate less... the 2 others that i live with are currently travelling (photos further down). Kate is back home in aus for a week, and Kit has made her way to an all expenses paid trip to Hong Kong for a job interview. Not bad for development work.

People continue to come and go aswell. Although in the big picture, a year is not long at all, so even we would fall under the 'quick visit' category.

The whole region seems to still be quite vulnerable re the earthquakes. Especially with the earthquake today in Indonesia, we have also felt one or two other smaller ones over the last month or so. I have been able to attend some disaster management conferences/ workshops. Very interesting to attend these as it gives a 'realistic' viewpoint of what the potentials are in the region... potentially unsettling thoughts to think about.

I would have thought there would be much to talk about. But besides the recent trips away and work during the day... theres not much more to report on.

Will be keeping this updated more regularly... ill try.


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