Life in Timor

Friday, February 11, 2005


Well, as you can see, I have finally figured out how to post up photos. So i worked myself up into a bit of a frenzy and posted quite a few up. But i will restrain myself more in the future.
Not much to report on in the last week. Have been quite busy with catching up on work, and am actually in the office on a saturday for 2 weeks in a row. But maybe not to good in the long run though.
Alot of the photos just posted up were of the nutrition program i accompanied a few weeks back. We are conducting another one soon, and slowly expanding to cover more areas, and as its the first time we have organised one- called a 'hearth', we can improve quite alot for the future.
One minor detail, our house has now acquired a tv and dvd, passed onto us by our Country manager before she leaves. Could be dangerous though when the thesis kicks in.

Ok, just a quick update. WIll have some more news later.


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