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Friday, January 21, 2005

Back from the 1st trip away

I have just returned from the first district trip of the year. I visited a district called Suai. Had been there once before last year, but its a great place and i will try to get back there more and more. The trip only last 3 days, but ended up being quite busy. The plan for the trip was to update the information we have on the programs that are running in the office and subdistricts down there. And of course wanted to stay.
After the 1st day of work, i was given the Oxfam car to use during my time there. So i took the opportunity to drive to the beach, about half an hour away. I had learnt my lesson not to swim there last year. (We saw crocodile tracks go into the water last time just as we got out) So the plan was to keep fit and go for a run.
But After the run (unfortunately no crocodiles), of course the car wouldnt start. I was getting slightly worried as it was getting dark, i didnt know the area, and the fact that i was by myself with no idea how cars bloody work. It all worked out as i walked for a while and found a few timorese relaxing at the beach. They gave me a push start and i eventually found my way back. Not too many other stories, a rather large spider hiding in the hollow of a toilet role as it 'was in use' was abit of a surprise. And a planned meeting with the staff in the districts turned out to be a training i had to somehow conduct, which put me on the spot abit.

Its now friday afternoon, so have the weekend to go before another trip. Lucky enough to have this next trip for over a week.

Also, on a sadder note. It has been confirmed that a youth ambassador was killed in Thailand by the Tsunami on boxing day. Her name was Susan Oliver, she was taking a holiday over Christmas from her post in Vietnam. Please keep Susan and her family in your thoughts.

Take Care, and thanks for the little comments posted up. Ill definately be keeping you updated on this end- so keep any news coming.



  • Hey James
    Hope you are enjoying your district visits - glad to hear you are keeping busy! There are 6 or so AVIs on their way to Dili in early march, so keep an eye out for them!

    By Blogger Steph, at 7:45 PM  

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